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Dance Program
Instructor: Natalia Balina-Zborowska at the Amos and Julia Ward Theatre Rte. 9N Jay, NY

Open Registration

To offer Fall/Winter Classes Beginning September 17th

Classes will take place in the Amos and Julia Ward theatre on Rte. 9N in Jay and include a variety of dance styles, including: Ballet Dance, Creative Dancing, Modern, and Jazz Dances.

Evening schedule

5-8 years old:  meet on Tuesday, and Thursday at 4pm for one hour To learn ballet techniques in a playful and creative atmosphere.   $20/week for 5/8 years old.

5-8 years old:  meet on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm for one hour  To learn ballet techniques in a playful and creative atmosphere.   $20/week for 5/8 years old.

9-12 years old:  meet on Tuesday, and Thursday at 5:15pm for one hour To learn ballet, modern, and jazz dance.                            $20/week for 9-12 years old

13 and up:  meet on Monday and Wednesday at 4pm for one and a half hours To learn ballet, modern, and jazz dance.                            $24/week for 13 years and up

Dress up: Preferred uniform include leotards, tights and ballet slippers. Comfortable sport pants and socks are ok. Discounted ballet clothing may be purchased at discountdance.com

Natalia would also like to see if there is interest in Adult Dance classes such as:

Senior class 60 plus Dance with emphasis on kinetic movements and of course Fun!

Please let us know if you would be interested in any of these programs.
Please contact Natalia Balina- Zborowska at nataliabzb@hotmail.com

October 16 and
evenings at 5:30 PM

Instructor Joe Kahn is offering Tai Chi at the Amos and Julia Ward theatre in Jay, Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm starting October 16th.

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art/health practice that originated in China and has spread throughout the world. It is known for slow flowing movements that enhance balance, circulation, leg strength, relaxation, blood pressure and attitude.  Less well know are the two person activities that add dynamic energy interaction. These activities help develop core power, body awareness, energy flow and improved balance while being acted upon by outside forces. The course shall use both practice techniques. We will be adding some new activities picked up at clinics. These will be directed at loosening the shoulders and building core power. Students who have taken the class in other years will move more; quickly into advanced tow person activities.

Our course will be aimed mainly at cross country skiers but will be beneficial to all those who participate in other sliding sports or wish to become more stable in everyday life during the upcoming winter. We have had both boarders and down hillers say these activities were helpful.  Also, we did some of our exercises with the PSIA  x-c instructors clinic and it was very well received.

The instructor for the Tai Chi class, Joe Kahn has been the director of the Nordic Ski School at the Olympic Sports Complex at Mt. Van Hoevenberg since 1996 and incorporates Tai Chi principles into his teaching on a daily basis.  He has studied Tai Chi since 1994 and practices daily.  This will be the 6th session he has taught at JEMS (Jay Entertainment and Music Society) and the third aimed mainly at skiers and boarders.

**Please be aware there will not be a Tai Chi class on Tuesday November 6th due to the Presidential election this class will be moved to Monday November 5th at 5:30pm. **

The cost for the class will be $50 for the 6 weeks or $10 per class. Course runs October 16th through November 20th (Scheduled class for November 6th moved to Monday November 5th) For information email:      jhlkahn@frontiernet.net

Thursdays JEMS Sponsored Acoustic Club
meets Thursdays at 7:00pm
Sponsored by the Jay Entertainment and Music Society (JEMS)
A casual gathering for beginner musicians with the purpose of playing music together, learning together and sharing experiences with music and sound.
Any and all instruments, including the voice are invited at the Amos and Julia Ward Theatre at the junction of Routes 9N and 86 in Jay, NY.
For more information, call Joe Kahn at 647-8182 or use his email.